5 years warranty covers:

  • Glass (excluding thermal stress cracks)
  • Surface coating
  • Door hardware (Rollers, hinges etc.)
  • Gaskets

2 years warranty covers:

  • Window fittings
  • Door and window handles
  • Door accessories, locks, strikers
  • ID lock

If substitute products are delivered, Supplier shall carry all costs in connection with this, or, as an alternative, shall cover total replacement costs of NorDan, UAB as agreed. Supplier shall however not be responsible for dismantling, assembling and reinstallation costs. Defects which Supplier is liable for and occurring within given terms after delivery to customer, shall be repaired or replaced with non-defective products at Supplier's cost.

Supplier's guarantee shall only apply if customer can demonstrate that:

  • The assembly was performed in accordance with the latest available version of the Supplier's technical documentation (Installation instructions).
  • The aliuminium constructions were regularly maintained and cleaned by means of non-corrosive cleaning and maintenance products, in accordance with the Supplier's maintenance requirements.
  • The requirements concerning the use of coated aliuminium constructions in maritime climates, industrial environments and corrosive atmosphere (swimming pools, laboratories, etc.) were complied with.
  • Powder coated material such as aliuminium profiles and sheets is installed >500 meters from coastline.
  • Supplier was notified about any damage caused by transportation within 7 working days from delivery date. Claim was made in writing (CMR), with photographs of the product while it was still affixed to the pallet.
  • Supplier was notified about missing components within 2 months from delivery date.

The warranty excludes:

  • Any visible defects not notified before installation.
  • Damage caused to the product as a result of accident, negligence, burglary, vandalism, fire or force majeure.
  • Surface defects (and other damages) of products and insulated glass units which are not visible from 2 meters in normal lighting conditions, decorative bars glued on the surface of insulated glass units and thermal breakage of insulated glass units.
  • Glass breakages resulting from thermal stress cracks will not be covered by the warranty. In addition, breakages resulting from cracks will not be covered when caused by inappropriate specification and installation such as, but not limited to - spandrel panels & similar unventilated areas, adjacent to shading or application of films to the glass. Breakages resulting from excessive structural movement or incorrect installation of products which may lead to cracking of glass.
  • Damage caused by settlement or structural defects of the building in which they are installed.
  • If the original product is no longer in production when a valid warranty claim is made, NorDan, UAB shall be obliged to provide a similar product or appropriate refund at their discretion.
  • Damage caused by transportation if not recorded and notified to Supplier at the time of delivery. If loss or damage to the cargo is not apparent from the outside at the time of delivery, and claim was not made in writing, with photographs of the product while it is still affixed to the pallet. Safe unloading of the goods from vehicles is the responsibility of the recipient.