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Cooperation with football club “FK Atmosfera“

We at NorDan UAB are proud of the beginning of cooperation with and sponsorship to the local football club “FK Atmosfera“ for next two years. NorDan will be one of the main partners supporting and promoting football in Mazeikiai city. Moreover, we will contribute to the establishment of the first girls’ team under the 12 years old.

We are thrilled to restore popularity of football in Mazeikiai, contribute to the development of talents and promotion of active lifestyle among our employees and the community. We are convinced by and will be fully supporting the club’s long-term goals in tournaments of the first league in Lithuania. In addition, once per year the international youth football tournament will be organized to win NorDan‘s cup. Lastly and most importantly, we are looking forward to share the great moments of “FK Atmosfera“ teams journey to the top!

With this initiative we are joining other NorDan Group companies that traditionally support various sports events, athletes and teams all over Scandinavia and Europe for many years.

Jan 22, 2021
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