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Reflections of 2020

2020 were full of challenges, yet surprisingly successful, by means of pandemic situation management internally, achievements in sustainability domain, higher production of eco-friendly uPVC/aluminum solutions, and our start in the new markets: Ireland, UK and Denmark.

  • uPVC. By growing the volumes of uPVC profiles that contain Co-extruded uPVC, we consumed 19.6 tons of recycled uPVC since the launch of recycled uPVC systems. This resulted in reduced CO2 emissions by 39.2 tons compared to the virgin material production.
  • Aluminum. By using low carbon aluminum alloys from Hydro: CIRCAL, containing 75% post-consumer recycled aluminum (14.5t/Y) and REDUXA, produced using renewable resources (135t/Y), we have reduced CO2 emissions by up to 209 and 1715 tons respectively. An impressive 1924 tons in total per year, if to compare to the global average of CO2 emissions in production of virgin aluminum profiles, which emit 16,7kg CO2/kg.

2021 will be very important to sustain our focus and expand with sustainable aluminum and uPVC production. Sustainability is our promise and one of the cornerstones of ecoDigital Ready strategy in the NorDan Group.

In addition, we continue investing into our factory and administration facility renovation in order to become energy efficient. We will employ the Sun that will produce up to 20% of our annual electricity demand. Also, these investments will contribute to our employee’s well-being and job satisfaction.

Jan 19, 2021
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