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Our factory in Mazeikiai, Lithuania is one of 12 factories in the NorDan Group, but the only one producing products out of aluminium and uPVC. Founded in 1926 and now in the third-generation of family ownership the Norwegian NorDan Group ("NorDan Gruppen" AS) has since grown to become one of the leading window and door manufacturers in Scandinavia and UK. The group consists of 9 subsidiaries with 12 factories, 30 sales units and about 2200 employees spread across Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, UK, Ireland and China and a turnover of about 270 mln. EUR.

"NorDan" UAB have designed, developed and produced high quality modern uPVC window and door solutions since 1994, production in aluminium has started in the beginning of 2018. In the past we were recognized as "Fauga" and "Venta Windows", the company name was changed to "NorDan" UAB in the end of 2019. In addition to supplying market leading aluminium systems, "NorDan" UAB is also home to the VENTA WINDOWS brand of uPVC products sold in Norway and the Baltic countries.


NorDan is built on the Norwegian expression «Perfekt Samspill». This means that we strive to achieve perfect interplay and harmony between us and our clients, our products and our customers and internally as well.

One of the keys to NorDan’s success through the years may be summed up in the expression «Perfekt Samspill». “Perfekt” simply means perfect, but «samspill» has proven difficult to translate. In Norwegian it can be used both for musical harmony, and in sports when playing on the same team. The essence is the same: Perfekt Samspill – Perfect Interaction is key to how all NorDan companies and employees are working together, from production to sales and everything in between.






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As we have increased our attention towards sustainability as a cornerstone of our business, every stage in production of the NorDan products is carried out with an eco-friendly, energy efficient approach.

Perfekt Samspill: respectful and sustainable interaction with the environment, with integrated manufacturing ensuring we are in control of our products at every step of their life cycle.

Our production is awarded with numerous certificates ensuring high product standards and efficiency of the company:

  • Quality management system ISO 9001:2015.
  • Environmental management system ISO 14001:2015.
  • The management of efficient processes LEAN was implemented since 2014.
  • Norwegian window and door manufacturers association NDVK certificate.
  • Fork mark, CE.
  • Aluminium windows and doors are certificated for the Danish market and marked with the DVV label.
  • EU-certified materials, the quality of which has been tested in EU laboratories.
  • Product features are based on the results of tests carried out by notified EU laboratories.
  • Products are tested on a regular basis in the factory laboratory.