Aluminium material specifics allow producing high performance doors in large dimensions which ensure great indoor climate, sufficient light penetration, easy operation, requirements for energy efficiency and fire resistance up to EI60 class.

With a goal to reduce CO2 emisions, for doors we are using environmentally friendly aluminium profiles based on Hydro REDUXA and CIRCAL technologies, production on hydropower and recycled post consumed aluminum. For REDUXA this means a reduction of CO2 by 50% and for CIRCAL by 70% compared to CO2 levels of standard aluminium production in Europe.

NorDan Aluminium door insulation

Levels of insulation

Our doors solutions are available in different levels of insulation to meet the requirements for U-value set by our customers. Depending on product category doors might be produced with following insulation: basic or S, SX (super), SHI (super high), SH (super).

This is how the profile is built up:

  1. Insulating stage of fiberglass reinforced polyamide that breaks the cold bridge in the aluminum profile.
  2. Insulation material inside the profile: SX (Sapa Thermo N9) or PE fillings in the interlock sash profiles (Foam-power®).
  3. Thermally improved glazing gasket.

Wide range

Our doors range consist of Folding doors, Lift Sliding doors, Tilt Sliding doors and Entrance doors with wide range of different configurations to achieve desirable function, thermal insulation and design with powder painted or anodized surface coatings.

Fire resistant Entrance doors (EI30 and EI60) are designed to withstand extreme heat and protect premises from fire spread up to 30 or 60 min with smoke control Sa and S200. Made of aluminium with a melting point of approximately 660°C, secured with additional reinforcements to keep them stable, equipped with special fire resistand glass (or specific filling) and insulations of rockwool, Palstop that has a cooling effect inside the profiles.

Entrance Doors configurations

NorDan Alu Door Config Single

Single sash

NorDan Alu Door Config Double

Double sash

NorDan Alu Door Config Fixed Single Fixed

Doors + fixed parts

NorDan Alu Door Config Fixed Double fixed

Doors + fixed parts

Folding doors configurations

NorDan Folding Config 330


NorDan Folding Config 431


NorDan Folding Config 550


NorDan Folding Config 651


NorDan Folding Config 633


NorDan Folding Config 770


Lift-Sliding doors configurations

NorDan Lift Sliding Config

Tilt-Sliding door configurations

NorDan Tilt Sliding Config

Door systems

NorDan Alu door sx

Entrance Door

NorDan Alu door Fire

Entrance Door Fire resistant (EI30 or EI60)

NorDan Alu door Non

Door Non-insulated

Different types of insulation and heights of thresholds are available according to requests.

Sliding door systems

NorDan Alu door Folding

Folding Door

NorDan Alu door corner Lift Sliding

Lift-Sliding Door

NorDan Alu door corner Tilt Sliding

Tilt-Sliding Door

Depending on product type, different insulation and configurations of thresholds are available according to requests.