Sustainability constitutes an integral part in the activities of the NorDan group. Projects and initiatives concerning sustainability and sustainable development are implemented in all companies within the Group.

NorDan, UAB business strategy also includes elements of sustainability. In planning our strategic directions, we drew on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and took a broader view of sustainability. We asked ourselves – what are the values that guide our work? Are we contributing to environmental protection through our activities? Can we work profitably while creating wellbeing for people – both for our employees and the society as a whole?

Therefore, sustainability is not just an environmental aspect in our company. In our view, sustainability includes environment, people and economy. We have defined our activities and identified six sustainable development goals that we can use to make positive impact in different areas of sustainability.

We care about both physical and mental wellbeing of our employees, therefore, we strive to provide a safe, healthy, and comfortable working environment. We promote healthy lifestyle and support sports initiatives not only within the company but also in the local community.

  • In 2021, the remodeling of the administrative offices was completed. The layout of the premises was changed, a modern air conditioning and ventilation system was installed, ergonomic workstations and common areas were set up. We wanted to create an environment which would inspire, encourage productivity and be stress-free.
  • We support the Mažeikiai football club Atmosfera. The club provides training for children and has established a separate team for girls. Promoting physical activity and occupation among children is of great importance to us. In June 2021, the first youth football tournament “NorDan Cup” was held in Mažeikiai.
  • Every year, the company partially reimburses its employees for their sports and wellness related expenses.
  • Through sports activities and competitions, we encourage each other to be more active (e.g. NorDan PULS Competition).

In our activities, we look for efficient energy solutions – from energy conservation to investments in renewable energy sources. This enables us to operate more cost-efficiently and sustainably, and to reduce our negative impact on the environment.

  • In 2021, the renovation of the production building was completed including the replacement of the windows, the insulation of the external walls and cladding of the façade. As a result, we use less energy for heating, the heating season is shorter, and costs are reduced.

Innovative products create growth opportunities for both the company and the team. We work to modernise manual and routine manufacturing processes. We also train our employees and encourage them to take on tasks with higher added value and above-average pay.

  • We are also a competence centre of the NorDan Group. The aim of the centre is to provide comprehensive technical and engineering support on uPVC and aluminium solutions. We prepare and update technical descriptions of products, installation and maintenance manuals, etc. We organise trainings for employees from different areas within the group.

In order to work more efficiently, we are working on modernising of our manufacturing processes. We have drawn up a digitalisation strategy within the company and are constantly implementing projects to adapt innovations to our activities.

  • A plan for digital transformation in the company for 2022-2024 has been prepared.
  • Modern and efficient Elumatec equipment is used for production. We can now perform more operations with one tool, resulting in increased productivity and reduced power consumption.
  • We are in the process of modernising accounting and integrating it with other business management applications. Accounting procedures are being digitised and automated, reducing routine and manual work. We have automated the invoicing process as well as recording of incoming and outgoing invoices.

Manufacturing durable, energy-efficient windows and doors that require no special maintenance is our most important contribution to urban sustainability. Almost half of the windows and doors we produce for the domestic market are sold in Mažeikiai, contributing to the sustainable development of our city and its environment.

  • The compliance of our windows and doors with the highest quality requirements is confirmed by the following certificates: Certificate from the Norwegian Control Centre for Doors and Windows (NDVK), CE certificate. In 2021 we successfully completed product certification for the Danish market.
  • We have implemented and operate in accordance with the ISO 9001 and environmental management standard ISO 14001.

We strive to reduce the amount of industrial waste by choosing recyclable materials for our production and using energy resources in a cost-effective manner. We demand the same from our business partners and every employee.

  • We use high quality German uPVC profiles for our windows and doors, which contain 20% to 49% recycled plastic. All uPVC used in production is 100% recyclable.
  • In 2018, we started manufacturing aluminium windows, doors, and façade solutions. These segments currently account for around 70% of our activities and continues to grow rapidly. We use sustainable Hydro REDUXA and Hydro CIRCAL aluminium profiles for aluminium windows and doors. Hydroelectric power and recycled aluminium are used in their manufacture.