Durability, minimal maintenance and long service life – the benefits of uPVC windows and doors that can last from 40 to 75 years, according to researches, assuming correct handling, maintenance of moving parts and some of components replacement. Resistance to moisture, corrosion, UV-rays and combined with the fact the surface doesn’t need to be repainted, makes the uPVC products easiest to maintain out of other possible choices of profiles material. High quality uPVC profiles and fittings provide excellent weathertightness to withstand the harshest Scandinavian climate.

Upvc profile

Products designed to be 100% recyclable and saving energy

With every window produced we contribute to saving the environment as all our uPVC products are fully recyclable with up to 49% of recycled uPVC in the cores of the frames in order to reduce the carbon footprint, to minimise production waste and energy consumption. Besides of ecology the uPVC systems combined with wide choice of insulated glass, allow to achieve excellent heat insulation level up to Uw 0.69.

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A. Recycled uPVC
Virgin uPVC
C. Steel core
D. Optional aluminium cladding

Range and design

When it comes to design freedom, we don’t have any standard measurements, windows can be produced in different shapes, even in bended arched forms with or without decorative partitioning’s on the glass. Various inside or outside opening types, 5 uPVC series in the range, softer or exceptional minimalistic ARCTIC sharp shapes, wide choice of lamination, RAL or anodized colors will satisfy any individual requirement of the customer.

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Inside opening windows configurations

Tilt before Turn

Tilt before Turn (TBT)



Tilt before Turn Tilt before Turn


Tilt before Turn fixed frame

TBT + fixed frame

Outside opening windows configurations

Top Swing

Top swing

Side Hung

Side Hung

Top Swing Fixed frame

Top Swing+Fixed frame

Side Hung Side Hung

Side Hung + Side Hung

Side Hungfixed frame

Side Hung+fixed frame

Top Hung

Top Hung

Top Swing Top Swing

Top Swing+Top Swing

Fixed windows configurations

Rectangular fixed frame

Rectangular shape

Arched fixed frame

Arch shape

Circle fixed frame

Circle shape

Semicircle fixed frame

Semicircle shape

Examples of other possible shapes

NorDan special
NorDan special2
NorDan special3
NorDan special4
NorDan special5
NorDan special6
NorDan special7
NorDan special8

uPVC windows series overview

NorDan u PVC Window Corner Arctic


NorDan u PVC Window Corner E Passive


NorDan u PVC Window Corner Arcade


NorDan u PVC Window Corner Elegant


NorDan u PVC Window Corner Nordline