NorDan Aluminium windows are distinguished by Scandinavian design, ease of operation, large possible dimensions, safety and durability. Products are developed to withstand the harshest climate conditions, meet Passive standard energy requirements and easy installation.

With a goal to reduce CO2 emisions, for windows we are using aluminium profiles based on Hydro REDUXA technology, production on hydropower. This means a reduction of CO2 by 50% compared to CO2 levels of standard aluminium production in Europe.

Alu corner sample

Levels of insulation

Our aluminium window solutions are available in different levels of insulation up to 0,7: basic, SX (super), PX (extra) or non-insulated systems that are suitable for interiors to meet any requirements of the building.

This is how the profile is built up:

  1. Insulating stage of fiberglass reinforced polyamide that breaks the cold bridge in the aluminum profile.
  2. Insulation material inside the profile: PX (polyurethane) or SX (Sapa Thermo N9).
  3. Insulation strip between profile and glass.
  4. Rebate gaskets as convection limiters.
  5. Extra convection barrier on the frame.

Range and design

When it comes to design freedom, aluminium is the material of choice. Non-standard shapes, large dimensions, different surface treatments and unlimited choice of colors can be designed to satisfy individual requirement.

Our range consists of a wide choice of inside opening, combination, fixed windows and fire resistant systems up to EI60 class, based on 86 mm depth profiles. Non-insulated systems of 50 mm depths are suitable for interiors.

Solid and durable

Solid-looking, durable and long service life – the benefits of aluminium windows and doors that are produced to last. According to researches, aluminium products can last up to 75 years, considering propper maintenace and some of components replacement.
High quality fittings provide excellent efortless function and excellent tightness: water tightness, air permeability, resistance to wind load.

Surface finishings

Anodized surface

Anodised finish in general is the most durable choice of surface treatments available for aluminium profiles. It emphasizes the natural beauty of aluminium material, strengthens the surface and makes it resistant to UV rays and to environment exposure. Different anodized colours are possible on the inside and outside, also combined colors with powder painting for insulated systems.

Powder painting

We can produce in any colors from RAL or NCS palette. The standard surface glossness is 30%, but it is possible to choose 70%. Different colours are possible on inside and outside also combined colors with anodized colors for insulated systems.

All products undergo high-quality powder coating or anodization surface treatment.

Windows configurations

Fixed frame

Fixed frame



Tilt before Turn

Tilt before Turn (TBT)

Tilt before Turn Tilt before Turn


Tilt before Turn fixed frame

TBT + fixed frame



Tilt before Turn over fixed frame

TBT over fixed frame

Kipp over Tilt before Turn

Kipp over TBT

Tilt before Turn over fixed frame fixed frame

TBT in combination with fixed frame

Examples of fixed frame shapes

NorDan special
NorDan special2
NorDan special3
NorDan special4
NorDan special5
NorDan special6
NorDan special7
NorDan special8

Openable window systems

NorDan Alu Profile 1086


Nor Dan Alu Profile 1086 norgeskarm

Norwegian frame

Nor Dan Alu Profile 1086 project

Project solution

NorDan Alu Profile 1050


Fixed frame windows systems

Alu fixed corner std


Alu fixed corner sx

Norwegian frame

Alu fixed corner prodject

Project solution

Alu fixed corner Fire

Fire resistant EI30/EI60

Alu fixed corner non