Consumers' growing awareness of how the products are produced, demands to increase our environment friendly commitments and be even more responsible as a business. Eco-friendliness is especially important for our export markets in Scandinavia, and we strive to introduce the sustainable solutions for our uPVC and aluminium windows and doors.

uPVC windows and doors

In 2019, we launched uPVC systems which contain 20% to 49% recycled material in the profile cores. According to our annual demand for uPVC profiles, at least 38 000 kg of uPVC are reused, contributing to less of 76 tons of CO2 emission to the environment annually. At the same time, by using recycled material, we contribute in reduction of energy consumption. Recycled uPVC's primary energy demand is up to 90% lower than virgin uPVC profile production.

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Aluminium windows and doors

In 2020 we are starting our journey towards environmentally friendly aluminum profiles use in the products we make. With CIRCAL and REDUXA alloys we greatly contribute to reduction the CO2 emissions. CIRCAL is based on recycled post-consumer aluminum. REDUXA - based on aluminum produced on hydropower and new energy-reduced technology. For CIRCAL this means reduction of CO2 by 70% and for REDUXA - by 50% compared to CO2 levels for standard aluminum technologies in Europe.

In nearest future, in addition to sustainable products we will start our factory renovation project which includes increase of building’s energy efficiency and roof solar collectors. Solar power solutions will produce up to 20% of our annual electricity usage. Investments in factory building renovation will reach 200 000 € and we look forward to successful execution.

With increased focus towards sustainability we contribute in saving the environment and lowering our impact. Respectful and sustainable interaction with the environment - one of the NorDan’s “Perfekt Samspill” (en. Perfect Interaction) philosophy cornerstones.