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Reducing CO2 emissions with uPVC windows and doors

Scandinavia’s constructions industries’ requirements are getting more and more demanding for eco-friendly solutions such as recycled materials. We are following the markets demands and offer our uPVC series ARCTIC, E-PASSIVE and ARCADE produced with up to 49% recycled uPVC in the cores of frames and sashes.

The benefits of these products are in addition to being functional and aesthetic is the sustainability of these products:

  • We are minimizing uPVC windows/doors production waste volumes. At least 38 000 kg of uPVC* will be reused in production of our products and this means ~76 tones less of CO2 emission** to the environment annually, compared to virgin uPVC production.
  • Recycled uPVC's primary energy demand is up to 90% lower than virgin's uPVC production** - we are also reducing energy consumption.
  • Reused uPVC’s properties are the same as virgin’s – reproduction process doesn’t affect homogeneity of the material. uPVC can be recycled up to 20 times without losing strength parameters.**
Due to these changes in our windows and doors frames will be using 38 tons of recycled uPVC and this will reduce CO2 emissions by 76 tons annually.
Recycled uPVC´s primary enegry demand is up to 90% lower than virgin´s uPVC production. **

*According to our annual average of uPVC profiles order intake.

**Information provided by uPVC frames producer

All the products have the same visual, technical, tightness properties, as well as min/max dimensions. The only difference is, with recycled core they are even more eco-friendly.

RECYCLED uPVC in profiles:


  • Openable windows up to 23%
  • Fixed windows up to 46%
  • Tilt Sliding doors up to 23%


  • Openable windows up to 43%
  • Fixed windows up to 49%
  • Terrace doors, Folding doors and Tilt Sliding doors up to 25%


  • Openable windows up to 20%

Sep 05, 2019
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