Ndg ukraine support

NorDan supports the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine

The NorDan Group stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

NorDan is an international business with operations and presence across several countries, for the most part based on the European continent. During the past few weeks, we have looked with horror at the events unfolding in Ukraine. We support the governments in our operating countries on their sanctions against Russia and stand behind the global community’s humanitarian efforts.

European and global supply chains experience increased risk levels related to the ongoing war in Ukraine. The NorDan Group and its subsidiaries continues to monitor the situation closely.

The NorDan Group does not have direct supplier in Russia or Ukraine. uPVC is sourced from suppliers based in Germany, Denmark, and Poland. Aluminium is sourced from suppliers based in Sweden. According to our assessment, the raw materials in these base materials to our windows and doors does not originate from neither Russia nor Ukraine.

In times of conflict innocent children are often the ones most exposed to the long-term consequences. NorDan work closely with the international humanitarian organization Save the Children. Considering the ongoing war, the NorDan Group will provide an additional donation to the important humanitarian work done by Save the Children in Ukraine and neighboring countries.

Mar 23, 2022
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