NorDan, UAB partners with Save the Children Lithuania

NorDan, UAB starts cooperation with the public organisation Save the Children Lithuania and invests in the integration of Ukrainian children. We have also allocated the fund to support the summer activities of children attending day-care centres in Mažeikiai and their preparation for the upcoming school year.

‘The partnership between the NorDan Group and Save the Children organisation has been ongoing for many years, and we at NorDan, UAB started our dialogue with the organisation in Lithuania at the outbreak of war in Ukraine. We were looking for ways to help mothers and children coming from that country. However, when we started talking, when we visited the Children's Day Care Centre in Mažeikiai, we realised that Lithuanian families also experience a lot of challenges’, says Giedrius Žilėnas, Managing Director of NorDan, UAB.

Day Care Centres are what is closest to children

Representatives of Save the Children Lithuania and Mažeikiai children's day care centres, who visited the company, welcomed the start of the partnership, as it is the first cooperation of this scale between an organisation and a business company in Mažeikiai.

The monetary donation will be distributed between three children's day care centres in Mažeikiai, Pikeliai and Ukrinai.

Rasa Dičpetrienė, the CEO of Save the Children Lithuania, said that the organisation cooperates with all municipalities in the country, each of which has a partner - a children's day care centre. The centres in Mažeikiai district have a total of 50 children from poor and disadvantaged families, as well as war refugees from Ukraine.

The staff of the centres help the children with their studies and homework, keep them occupied, participate in various festivals. During the summer season, children go on excursions and camps. For many children, this is the only opportunity to go out.

The representatives of Save the Children Lithuania have no doubt that for children, going to a day care centre is a window to the world, to a different life, the means of breaking the vicious circle of violence and alcohol, which is often experienced in the family environment.

On the other hand, day care centres would not be able to provide quality services without the help of sponsors. State funding is sufficient to cover utilities, rent and staff salaries. Everything else depends on the resourcefulness, enthusiasm, perseverance and, of course, the goodwill and support of the local community and business organisations.

Jun 10, 2022
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