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‘We need everyone to join the forces to end the pandemic’

The excellent summer weather and the holiday season allowed us to take a break from the constraints of quarantine, regain strength and prepare for the coming autumn. For NorDan, UAB, autumn season is usually the most active. This will be the case this year as well – the work of the factory has already been planned for several months ahead.

Due to the situation of Covid-19 all over the world, the cold season is expected with anxiety. NorDan, UAB hopes that the lessons learned during the pandemic, as well as the vaccination of employees, will help to face possible problems in the future.

“The rising number of orders and production volumes showed that during the pandemic we were able to adapt to the necessary rules of safe work and even achieve record production results. However, we can’t relax and forget to take precautions. I am glad that the immunisation of employees in the company has reached 70%. We continue to encourage colleagues to get vaccinated, so I hope that in the autumn we will all be even safer as a team”, says Giedrius Žilėnas, Managing Director of NorDan, UAB.

Currently, the situation of Covid-19 in NorDan, UAB is stable. This allows the company to work at full capacity, fulfil obligations to customers and accept new orders.

The health and safety of workers remains a priority, so the morbidity rate in the country is closely monitored and the work is organised in accordance with the Government’s recommendations.

“Fighting a pandemic is a marathon. The last kilometres are the hardest due to fatigue. The only difference is that if one can still finish the marathon alone, we need everyone to join the forces to end the pandemic. We have to work together, and the easiest thing that anyone can do is to get vaccinated. In this way, we will protect ourselves and our relatives, and will be able to ensure the continuity of work in the autumn, as well as income”, says Žilėnas.

Aug 16, 2021
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