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We present our Sustainable Development Goals

Despite all the challenges in 2021, we ended the financial year on the positive note, growing our business by more than 30% compared to 2020. However, today financial performance is not the only indicator of a successful and sustainable business.

Customers, investors and the employees alike are increasingly focusing their attention on corporate values, corporate responsibility, transparency, innovations, and climate impact. In other words, the sustainability of business, its ability to develop in a sustainable way and ambition to be good for the environment and the society are key.

As a market leader in windows, doors and façade solutions, the NorDan Group takes the responsibility to implement the said goals. Sustainable development is linked with progress in the fields of environmental friendliness and digitalisation. To this end, the ecoDigital ready strategy is being formulated on the Group level. NorDan produces smart windows and doors solutions which are safe, durable, environmentally friendly, as well as reduce power consumption and help in saving money. The Group is proactively working and investing in other important areas and initiatives, such as supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, cooperating with the organisation Save the Children, implementing the gender equality initiative within the Group, etc.

As a part of a large international company group, we are able to pick up and apply best sustainability practices in the activities of the NorDan, UAB more quickly.

Last year, we have included elements of sustainability to the business strategy of the NorDan, UAB. Based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we have defined our activities and identified the following six key areas, where we can make a positive impact and deliver results in the long term:

Learn more about our Sustainable Development Goals and the projects already implemented by NorDan, UAB in the field of sustainability: Sustainability | NorDan

Feb 15, 2022
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