Keep your home cool summer months

Keep your home cool during the summer months

During the summer months, staying cool and enjoying both the outdoors and indoors are some of our top priorities. While you probably know that good windows and doors can keep you warm during the cold winter months, did you know that they can also keep you cool during the scorching summer months?

With a warm weather phenomenon like El Niño threatening to return in 2023/2024, we’re once more looking at a possible heatwave that will settle across Europe. This in turn can drive up electricity prices, making it more difficult to cool down your home, and could even pose a threat of overheating in homes with old and poorly insulated windows and doors.

Too much heat or light radiating into a room can create areas that are uncomfortable to live or work in. Sun protection glass can be used to control how much light and heat is allowed into the room. Typically, south-facing facades that are exposed to a lot of sun have great advantages with light and heat-regulating products, and so these facades are much better served with using sun-protection glass.

When electricity prices are high, many of us consider other options for how we can reduce the use of electricity in our homes. We tend to forget how important a house's insulation is when it comes to electricity consumption. A house with poor insulation needs a lot of energy to keep the cold or heat inside. It is our windows that determine how well-insulated our house is. Heat loss through the windows with poor insulation value can amount to over 40% of a home’s total temperature loss. A house with older windows will struggle significantly more to keep the comfortable temperature in the house.

The biggest advantage of investing in windows with 3-layer glass is that you save electricity all year round. Better insulated windows help you maintain an even temperature in your home both in summer and in winter. In this way, your windows ensure that your heating and air conditioning systems work less and minimize your electricity consumption. The right windows not only improve the indoor climate but also effectively reduce electricity consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

NorDan Screens is a smart choice for sun protection. In addition to effectively reducing the sun's rays and up to 90% of the sun's heat, the screens can be controlled manually and automatically. Together with a wind and sun sensor, you can let the screen itself take care of the task of creating a healthy indoor environment. The screen hides itself elegantly when the sun is no longer a concern. The screen can be supplied with two different motors which are either controlled with a switch, or remote control or connected to an optional smart home solution.

Aug 03, 2023
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